Off GridAmazing Off The Grid Cabin in Tasmania Australia

Amazing Off The Grid Cabin in Tasmania Australia

This amazing off grid cabin in Tasmania Australia is the home to a self sufficient group of friends.

Amazing Off The Grid Cabin in Tasmania Australia

Tom Powell was visiting a friend Axle nicknamed ‘Humpy’ for a month in Tasmania Australia and was able to enjoy the accommodations of this off the grid self sufficient cabin.

Axle built this off the grid home himself…. 3 Cheers for him !

This property is named Crabtree and is located 30km outside of Hobart in Tasmania.

The place has a river, a veg patch, hens, an bigger A frame house and some woodland.

What do you notice about this cabin ?

  • Water tank

  • Wood cook stove

  • Propane counter top burners

  • Solar panels…they are facing away but still there

  • 2 wood stove chimney stove pipes

  • It looks like it is made from reclaimed wood

  • Anyone else spot the Bombay Sapphire Gin bottle …. (great taste, lol)

Is there anything I missed ?

What an amazing place to live !

Click here to see a more pictures on this amazing off grid cabin in Tasmania Australia:




Click here to see the above pictures in a HUGE size:



Tom is an amazing man who shared his pictures with ” The Homestead Survival ” with kindness.  His pictures capture beauty of nature and the essence of the people so lucky to photographed by him.

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Melissa Francis
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