Medical & HealthAmazing Health Benefits of Nutritional Yeast

Amazing Health Benefits of Nutritional Yeast

Learn about the amazing health benefits of nutritional yeast.
Nutritional yeast is basically a famous food product that is often used for vegan cooking. Its name came from the antioxidants, minerals, vitamins, and protein it contains.

Amazing Health Benefits of Nutritional Yeast

According to studies, nutritional yeast has a variety of possible health benefits, which range from reducing cholesterol to protecting body from any free radical damage.
Nutritional yeast is a good source of minerals, B vitamins, and proteins. Fortified nutritional yeast may contain more B vitamins compared to unfortified varieties as additional amounts are added during the process of manufacturing.

But, unfortified varieties contain a certain amount of B vitamins that form naturally as yeast grows. Nutritional yeast must be stored in a dark and cool place to preserve its vitamins. It must also be sealed tightly to keep the moisture out. Once stored properly, it may last up to 2 years. This can also be used in many ways. You may sprinkle it over pasta or popcorn, add it to your dog’s food, can be used as a thickener for sauces and soups, and many more.

The serving sizes are basically determined by every manufacturer, yet usually one or two tablespoons. It would need a huge amount of nutritional yeast to exceed tolerable upper intake level for different minerals and vitamins it contains. The specifics differ between brands, so read the labels for you to be sure.

If you want to know more about how nutritional yeast can benefit you, check out the article written by Rachael Link, MS, RD on Dr Axe. It discusses about nutritional yeast as an antibacterial and antiviral immune-booster.

According to Rachael, nutritional yeast is full of vitamins and minerals. The list is contains is big.

Two tablespoons of Fortified Nutritional Yeast nutritional yeast contains approximately:

45 calories

5 grams carbohydrates

8 grams protein

0.5 grams fat

4 grams dietary fiber

9.6 milligrams thiamine (640 percent DV)

9.7 milligrams riboflavin (570 percent DV)

9.6 milligrams vitamin B6 (480 percent DV)

7.8 micrograms vitamin B12 (130 percent DV)

240 micrograms folate (60 percent DV)

3 milligrams zinc (20 percent DV)

1 milligrams pantothenic acid (10 percent DV)

24 milligrams magnesium (6 percent DV)

0.1 milligrams copper (6 percent DV)

0.1 milligrams manganese (6 percent DV)

0.4 milligrams iron (4 percent DV)

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