DIY ProjectsAmazing Tutorial of How to Build a Food Truck

Amazing Tutorial of How to Build a Food Truck

This step by step tutorial of how to build a food truck is do it yourself building project that can help bring down the cost and customize it for your cooking needs.

There probably isn’t a city without at least one. Food trucks have become an American staple. They’re everywhere, offering anything from quick and easy snacks to fully gourmet meals. Most cities have specific areas where these food trucks pull in to a circle, so you can have your choice of food types, all cooked in professional and fully stocked kitchens.

If you’ve ever wondered about how food trucks were made or maybe even thought about buying one yourself, this is the right tutorial for you. Buying a food truck will cost you a lot of money. And, if you don’t have that money or you’re interested in other options, following this tutorial and building your own is a great way to go.

For this tutorial, you will need:

– A Trailer
– 4x4s
– 2x4s
– Dog Ear Panels
– Stain
– Polyurethane
– Sinks
– PVC Piping
– Particle Board
– Corrugated Metal Siding
– Self-Tapping Roof Screws
– Box with Door Cover
– Insulation
– Metal L
– Foil Tape
– Roofing Tar Sealant
– Windows
– Hinges
– Screen Doors

On top of these items, you’ll need whatever equipment you want for the inside of your trailer. For this tutorial, he wanted a BBQ food truck, so much of what’s inside is particular to those specific needs. You might have to adjust the rest of the guide at this point to suite your needs.

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Amazing Tutorial of How to Build a Food Truck
Amazing Tutorial of How to Build a Food Truck

While this may seem like a long and difficult process, the author provides excellent instructions and goes through why building your own truck will save you so much money.

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