CrochetAmigurumi Crochet Yorkie Tutorial and Free Pattern

Amigurumi Crochet Yorkie Tutorial and Free Pattern

Some people have a deep love for crochet. If you are one then you will love this free pattern for a crochet yorkie. Crochet is a great hobby. Not only can you pass some free time and never get bored but it allows you to make things for decorating your own house, crochet things as gifts for friends and family and of course, winter is the best time to use all your crochet projects like sweaters, scarves and mittens. One of the other amazing things about knitting is that you can make your very own stuff toys.

Amigurumi Crochet Yorkie Tutorial and Free Pattern

It is not the exact terminology to be used because these crocheted items look way better and cuter than the traditional stuff toys. You can visibly see the crochet pattern so the end result has more character and the efforts show. In this post from the Crochet Parfait, a tutorial for crocheting the Amigurumi Yorkie has been presented. The original pattern for this cute idea was not understandable because it had been translated from Japanese and it was not a good one.

The author has used their own crochet experience of Amigurumi patterns from using Japanese chart method. This way the author has provided an easier to understand method for other crochet lovers. The author has made a few changes but claims it is still close to the original pattern.


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Paige Raymond
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