Off GridAmish Build a Year Round Ice Storage House

Amish Build a Year Round Ice Storage House

This look into how and why Amish build a year round ice storage house and how this could be important to an off grid homesteader. For those living the life as a off the grid homesteader you know that electricity is either non-existent or at a premium. This means mechanical type refrigeration is not going to be an option. One alternative is to use a similar system that the Amish have been using for more than a century; the Ice Storage House.

Amish Build an Year Round Ice Storage House

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The Amish use these structures to store large sheets of ice that they harvest during the winter and use them throughout rest of the year to chill drinking water and other purposes.

While mostly primitive materials were used in the construction of old time ice houses, the Amish are now relying on more modern building materials in their construction like large, thick styrofoam blocks that are banded together and they use cans of spray foam to seal the cracks. They band everything together tightly with metal banding to ensure the best seal. Once the storage box is created they build a wooden structure around it to protect it from the elements.

Benefits of the Our Amish Friends Build an Ice Storage House Article

● The article describes the history of the use of the old time Ice Storage House

● The article describes how the Amish use modern building materials to recreate the ancient art of storing ice

● It shows that electricity and refrigeration systems are not always necessary to store ice year round

● Includes full color photos that are used to depict several stages of the construction

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