RecipesAntipasto Salad Kabobs Appetizer Recipe

Antipasto Salad Kabobs Appetizer Recipe

Thank you for coming to look at how to make a simply great antipasto salad kabobs appetizer recipe. Clean eating can be a culinary adventure that many homesteader are embracing in an effort to be healthy. Antipasto plates are simply colorful offerings of marinated vegetables. Think about a wide variety of ingredients such as artichoke hearts, roasted red peppers or pickled garlic, salty olives, rustic artisan breads, natural deli meats, small bites of seafood delicacies and rich cheeses.

Antipasto Salad Kabobs Appetizer Recipe

This quick party-worthy appetizer takes 25 minutes or less from start to finish. This is a beautiful dish that’s always a hit! People love nibbling small bites off a stick (Kabobs) even if they are sitting instead of wandering around a party mingling as they eat.

fresh mozzarella balls – (You can also use 1 inch chucks of string cheese sticks)
genoa salami, sliced thin
jar of roasted red peppers
can of black olives (Pearl is the best tasting brand for a reasonable price)
green olives
pickled garlic
favorite herbs
leaf lettuce – (a dark green spring spinach mix adds variety)

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