RecipesApple Pie Filling Dessert Bread Braid Recipe

Apple Pie Filling Dessert Bread Braid Recipe

This delicious apple pie filling dessert bread braid recipe is an all time winner after dinner.

Apple Pie Filling Dessert Bread Braid Recipe

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Hello, homesteaders! You keep busy all day and your body requires fuel for all that you do. What better treat to start or end your day than a delicious apple braid? Even if you are not a natural cook, this recipe is simple and easy to follow with clear instructions that make it accessible to everyone, from novice cooks to master chefs. With cooking time of less than half an hour for the braid and for the apple filling, the recipe can be prepared in less than an hour. Your apple braids will come out as single serving snacks that are somewhere between an apple pie and a doughnut. (You can’t go wrong with that combination!)

For the Apple Filling:

Granny Smith apples

granulated sugar


lemon juice

For the Bread:

bread flour

granulated sugar

instant yeast


warm water

vegetable oil

For the Glaze:

confectioner’s sugar

whipping cream

vanilla extract

kosher salt


The completed recipe shown here will make twelve braids so you and your loved ones can munch for a few days on these treats.

If you’re adventurous, don’t be afraid to tweak the recipe a little bit and play around.

This recipe calls for Granny Smith apples and kosher salt, but you could try Red Delicious apples and the salt may be regular table salt.

There are many fun ways to adapt recipes to your own needs and part of becoming confident in the kitchen is trying new things, learning through trial and error.

Whether you use the exact delicious recipe that is shared here or start to tweak it and adapt it to your own needs, you are in for a treat with apple braids!

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