GardeningAquaponic Vertical Gardening System Similar to Zipgrow DIY Project

Aquaponic Vertical Gardening System Similar to Zipgrow DIY Project

This Aquaponic Vertical Gardening System Similar to Zipgrow DIY Project is the perfect way to grown delicious food in a vertical garden for urban homesteaders. You can make use of every bit of land you have available…. even if it is a tiny bit.

This article was designed to introduce the reader to a unique method of gardening that can be used even if you have a limited amount of free space in your backyard.

Aquaponic Vertical Gardening System Similar to Zipgrow DIY Project

Gardening is fast becoming one of the most popular outside activities for homeowners and homesteaders. With more and more people looking to live healthier lives and one of the best ways is to eat more fresh vegetables and fruits with every meal that is grown in their own gardens.

Materials and Tools for this project, you will need:

110mm soil pipe and assorted angles.

110mm Soil pipe end caps.

Hole saw mixed set incl 3″ and 25mm



Cut off Saw

Table saw

Square gutter down pipe, (as many as you plan on using)

Chalk line

1x M6 Stainless steel bolt +4x M6 nuts per tube

50mm Batton treated

Wood glue

Decking screws

Shorter stainless steel screws

Electric screwdriver

Lengths of extra coarse filter foam or you can use Hay or expanded clay balls

16mm irrigation pipe

16mm irrigation fittings assorted

16mm inline particle filter

25mm cable grommets. 1 per tube


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The author of this article and DIY project created them in hopes to help as many other people to learn about how aquaponics can be a very effective way to grow plants like vegetables, herbs and other plants.

The project describes in great detail all of the necessary materials that will be needed to get started.

It also describes in detail what steps will need to be followed in order to build an aquaponics system.

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