Raising LivestockAre Your Homesteading Chickens Bored

Are Your Homesteading Chickens Bored

Are your homesteading chickens bored, well they inquisitive creatures that are always looking for a way to entertain themselves. Did you know that those cute little chickens you have on your homestead could be bored out of their minds?

It does not seem real, but it is probably true if you do not have plenty to keep their space new and exciting for them through a few activities you can set within the coop or out in the run. Keeping your chickens busy with other distractions will keep them from looking at their friends for distractions.

Are Your Homesteading Chickens Bored

When they look to each other, it could be a situation no one wants to see, including the stronger ones picking on the weak or seeing feathers fly. To give them something to do no matter the weather, you should check out a variety of options that you will find below. Not only are most of these fairly inexpensive for you, they can also be some of the best ways to keep your homestead going in terms of your chickens helping you with other areas of your homestead projects.

If you need help in gaining some ideas, you might try out some hard-shelled fruits and vegetables that will keep your hens pecking away at that shell to get to the sweet and succulent foods inside.

You can also consider using logs that they can peck that are decomposing, which can promise them also a number of bugs to snack upon as they peck further into the log. You can also consider dirt baths and even perches to keep your chickens busy and happy all day long as they enjoy the great weather outside or deal with being cooped up all day.

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