How To Make Aromatherapy Inhalers For Anxiety, Sinus Infection, Sleep and Cold/flu

I have seen and used those Vicks inhalers for colds and sinus problems over and over again through my life but I never knew that we could make our own inhalers. Turns out that we can and Aromahead shares the recipe for three different one that we can try. There is one for anxiety that has calming essential oils and one for sinus infection to help knock it out and one for sleep to help you feel calm so that you can sleep at night. Then Everyday Roots share a recipe to make a  cold and flu inhaler. I love using natural ingredients for ailments if I can instead of always running to the pharmacy. Get the recipes and see if these aromatherapy inhalers help you.


Homemade Natural Cold and Flu Inhaler


Aromatherapy Inhaler – Plastic, Pack of 4 (w/caps & wicks)

Aromatherapy Personal Diffuser and Essential Oils Starter Inhaler Gift Set


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