RecipesAssorted Ways To Eat Garlic Scapes

Assorted Ways To Eat Garlic Scapes

If you grow your own garlic then you know they will produce a flower if you let them. The bud that makes the flower is called a scape. While I do sometimes let some of my garlic flower because when it does it produces little tiny baby garlic seeds. You can plant them and leave them alone for a couple of years and they will eventually get to normal size and you can harvest them. I like to do this with a couple of mine every year for two reasons.

Assorted Ways To Eat Garlic Scapes

One you are supposed to plant garlic in the latter fall and I never seem to have any left from my harvest by then and two I have a purple garlic that makes large cloves but not many on each bulb so to sow garlic I would use up most of my harvest and I like eating my harvest. The flowers will have anywhere between 20 to 50 baby garlic seeds and as long as I plant some every year I also get to harvest some every year. So as for sowing garlic that is a decision each person needs to make whether to use clove from your harvest or let a couple of the plans flower and use the seed garlic.

If you are not planning to sow garlic seeds then you don’t want to let the plant flower because it will use its resources in flowering and there will not be much of a bulb to harvest. If you cut the scapes while they are still in bulb form you can eat them and Eating From The Ground Up share 7 ways to eat garlic scapes including a recipe for a salad dressing made with them.

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Paige Raymond
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