BeekeepingAutopsying A Dead Beehive

Autopsying A Dead Beehive

Autopsying a dead beehive to see what caused its death is important if you have or plan to have other honey bees. You may find that the hive died from something that can or could have been treated and if you have other hive you may find they need the treatment to prevent more loss of hives.

Autopsying A Dead Beehive

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A lot of the reasons for death of a hive will have to do with the time of year. Winter can be hard on a bee hive as they may starve. But then they can also die from varroa mites. There are many reasons a hive may die from pesticides to virus and starvation to condensation in the hive. Perform an autopsy on the hive following the instructions from Beverly Bees and you may be able to figure out what caused the death and prevent it from happening again.


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