DIY ProjectsAwesome Earthbag Room DIY Project

Awesome Earthbag Room DIY Project

Check out this awesome earthbag room diy project. They made the room from earthbags, the ceiling is done with pallets. They also have a rocket stove with a radiant heated floor and the floor is finished with the paper bag method except they used construction paper  in all colors then stained it dark and it looks amazing.

Awesome Earthbag Room DIY Project

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My Little Homestead shares the video showing how they made this room. I love the way they took really fine sand to make the area around the rocket stove with inset tiles. This would be so inexpensive to build and I am pretty sure it would be a nice snug room with plenty of warmth since it has 12 feet of pipe under the floor that is connected to the rocket stove.

The folks bought a little one bedroom house to start and they have teenage kids. Instead of building a house with a mortgage they built lofts for the kids and this earthbag room is for one of their sons. They now have earthbag bedrooms in a sort of semi-circle in the back yard of the house. So it is kind of like their own little village. They have other videos n youtube if you want to check them out, just look up My Little Homestead.

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Paige Raymond
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