Build ItAwesome In Wall Oven With Both Cooling And Storage Racks

Awesome In Wall Oven With Both Cooling And Storage Racks

Check out the diy project of installing a wall oven and both cooling and storage racks around it. I would absolutely love this set up. No more shifting everything to get pans, or mixing bowls or what ever other item needed in and out of cupboards all the time. Everything is right there totally accessible and visible so you can just reach and get it. There is even a space on the shelving for cookie sheets and another for all the lids to various pots and pans. I would so love to have this in my house. This is a project that was done at the Valhalla Project which is a 200-acre pilot property in the Ozark mountains that has established a very special retreat and reintegration facility for post-911 combat veterans and war zone civilian workers transitioning back into the civilian world.

While this project was done as a remembrance of A fellow that helped raise money for the project and tragically was killed in an accident in June. I have to say that I am in awe of this fantastic program they have to help our post 9-11 vets. Their mission statement is ” To assist post-9/11 combat veterans from active, separated, Guard, or reserve status with decompression and transition back to civilian life. And to offer a venue for those veterans who wish to assist their comrades in this process by improving facilities at Valhalla.”


This is such a great program, These people can go and stay there for free, including room and board. While there they do have to work four hours per day but they get to learn about homesteading and cooking, baking along with this whole list of other skills.

Homesteading (all phases, specific activities determined by season)

o       Permaculture design, planning, and implementation
o       Off-grid construction, for example straw bale and cob building
o       Livestock handling, breeding, and rotational grazing practices
o       Use of heavy equipment in building and agriculture
o       Poultry handling and breeding
o       Intensive gardening and orchard techniques
o       Cooking gourmet quality food frugally
o       Food preservation (dehydration, fermentation, cheese making and more)
o       Hiking trail and campground construction and maintenance
o       Wildlife management
o       Forestry stewardship
o       Carpentry and building projects

No one gets a pay check, not even management and while some are there to  readjust to the civilian world, recover from traumatic experiences, come to terms with physical disabilities, or deal with mild-to-moderate PTSD issues, many others are here to simply learn about homesteading, permaculture, or other specific topics while at the same time helping to build Valhalla up as a wonderful exciting place that current and future veterans will benefit from. I think this a much-needed and I am sure greatly appreciated program. I really like that it is run on donations and no one gets paid as this would help to prevent donations being used for personal gain rather than helping the vets. I think everyone if possible should donate to a great cause with no  one helping themselves to a portion of your donation unlike so many other things that ask for donations. I know I donated. I really want a wall like this in my kitchen too, So much open and visible storage space. I don’t really have a wall to install a wall oven but I could still do the storage racks.  Please share this post to help vets that may need the help find it and to help them with donations ( they have a donate button right on the bottom of the page).


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Melissa Francis
Melissa Francis
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