CrochetBaby Crochet Patterns for Caterpillar Hat and Cocoon

Baby Crochet Patterns for Caterpillar Hat and Cocoon

These step by step tutorials of free baby crochet patterns for caterpillar hat and cocoon are actually really simple to make as a loving gift to new parents. Baby blanket cocoons are an excellent way to keep infants and feeling secure much like being wrapped within the womb.

 Did you know that you can actually make cute little Caterpillar Hat and Cocoon set, if you are handy with a crochet hook ? It is true. You can actually make the perfect little gift for a newborn coming during the winter season or just because you want to do so.

Baby Crochet Patterns for Caterpillar Hat and Cocoon

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With the cooler weather coming in fast as winter begins to engulf most of us – a crocheted baby caterpillar hat and cocoon will wrap it’s warmth around your small bundle of joy.

With the instructions you will find below, you can start the process making the cutest little hat for the snuggle outfit that is actually the caterpillar’s head, equipped with big bold eyes. Then, you can venture onto the body of the wiggling caterpillar, which will cover the entire newborn in wooly softness and warmth.

It all comes together with some strategically placed variety of colors to bring the whole look together. For this project, you’ll need some bright yarn for the caterpillar, red or green yarn (or whatever color you want) for the caterpillar hat and different colored yarn and crochet stitches for the eyes, mouth, and body.

As you work through each of the stitches, you will soon have a completed project that will look so adorable on the newborn in question that you’ll want to take several snapshots of him/her in their new little snuggle outfit.

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