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Backcountry Camping Baking Methods That Works

Backcountry Camping Baking Methods That Works is so simple even without an oven. Plus the added flavor of being cooked over a wood fire is just delicious.

It may actually sound funny, but everything suddenly tastes better when you are in a camping. With all the tiring hiking and hunger from the trail, even the humblest meals seem so delectable and heavenly.
But of course, it is way better to have good food on the trail. Let me give you an insight on how to make a delicious baked goods in the backcountry using affordable equipment and common ingredients. Nothing fancy this time.

1. Baking in the Backcountry – Of course, it’s crazy to bring the whole oven and baking paraphernalia on the trail, so we will use tools we can easily carry around – a stove, a large pot (which will serve as our oven) and smaller pot for the baking dish.

2. For your “Oven”, you can actually use almost any backpacking pot material but be careful with the aluminum ones as they get heated too fast. Remember not to use non-stick pot too.

3. Choose the bake pan that will suit your oven.

4. Any stove should work for backcountry baking and cooking using woods is also doable.

5. You will need trivets that can hold your bake dish off the bottom of the oven pot.

6. Bring in lubrication such as oil, cornmeal and parchment paper.

7. Know the three types of baking:

* Wet Baking – Uses water for temperature control but is not capable of forming crusts

* Dry Baking – Forms crusts but may also burn your baked food.

* Hybrid Baking – Utilizes wet baking to initially set up the baked good and afterwards, form crust.

8. Primary Baking Ingredients. These include milk, eggs, oil and butter.

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Melissa Francis
Melissa Francis
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