How Backpacking Works


Backpacking is essential for strengthening your body, mind and outdoor survival skill set.

Bugging out on foot is backpacking under extreme circumstances.

Personally, it has become a new hobby of my family.

It has been a learning experience every step of the way.

Each time we are able to push ourselves further while enjoying the spectacular views of nature.

We test different MRE’s meals, our water purification methods and different gear.

 It is a great way to find out first hand what works and what does not.

How Stuff Works website shares a lot of insightful tips and suggestions on how to train, what gear to use and how to plan your trip.

How Backpacking Works
How Backpacking Works

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Here are a few pictures from my husband, myself and our 3 dogs last hike….
– Tips: Carry 2x the amount of water than you think you need.
– Dogs can get tired too.
– Shade and proper shoes can be a blessing.