DIY ProjectsBackyard Garden Planter That Doubles with Seating Project

Backyard Garden Planter That Doubles with Seating Project

This backyard garden planter that doubles with seating project is an amazing addition to your outdoor living space. It is well worth the effort and will not break your budget.

Backyard Garden Planter That Doubles with Seating Projec

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This is a really elegant approach to fitting beauty and people into a small space. The idea shows that people who are into the homesteading and self sufficiency way of life can create beauty and utility all in one package.

The design is fairly elaborate. The plan and details of the dimensions that are included in the instructions below can be scaled to any sized area.


Wooden boards for the outside – cedar, cypress, or black locust are most advised for outdoor use as they are all very rot-resistant.

Plywood for the inside- We went with pressure treated plywood, since it will stand up best to the elements.

Pressure-treated 2×2 – for the corners

1 1/2 inch, 14 gauge steel square tubing- for the structure. (Oh by the way, you’re going to have to know how to weld)

Inch by 1/2 in steel channel – For holding up the seat boards.

Decking screws – specially coated stainless steel screws to hold up to the elements.

Plastic lining

Rocks, dirt – to fill. I got my topsoil amended with leaf compost (50/50 mix) in bulk from a local place in Alexandria. $15 for half a cubic yard, which didn’t quite fill up the whole planter.


115V flux core wire feed welder

Abrasive cut off saw

Chop Saw


Cordless drill


Backyard Garden Planter That Doubles with Seating Project
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There is a lot of versatility in this planter and seat combination. Any type of wood can be used. This means that you can use the wood that fits the décor of the space that you have. Some woods bear more weight than others.

Size allowances would need to be made if you use a wood that does not carry a lot of weight well. The stones that provide drainage for the planters are the weight issue. The choice of stones can be made to add color and be selected to fit the wood and the feel of the space.

The instructions are very complete. The steps are easy to follow. Most people that do things for themselves should have all the tools necessary for this project. The project may take more than one day for a single person to cut and assemble.

The whole idea here is to use the space that you have. The planter and seat combination leaves plenty of room to enjoy a small outdoor space. The plants let you have a bit of nature in an urban setting. It looks really good as well.

Click here to read about how to build a backyard garden planter that doubles with seating project:


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Melissa Francis
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