RecipesBacon Egg and Cheese Loaded Breakfast Sandwich

Bacon Egg and Cheese Loaded Breakfast Sandwich

Have fun creating a bacon egg and cheese loaded breakfast sandwich as a hearty satisfying filling option to boost your energy for a busy day. Make a healthier version in the comfort of your own home than the fast food restaurants.

Breakfast sandwiches typically are made using breakfast meats such as sausages, patty sausages, bacon, country ham or Spam placed between a selection of biscuits, bagels or English muffins. A fried egg, cream cheese, squirt of mustard, slice of tomato, a piece of lettuce, thin slice of onion, wedges of avocado, slices of cheese are all part of the endless combinations that are possible when creating a nutritional hand held breakfast option.

I wonder if anyone else is like me and cooks (for my husband) eggs in funny shaped molds. Look towards the bottom of the page for different molds.

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Egg Cheddar Bacon Sandwich
Egg Cheddar Bacon Sandwich

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