RecipesBacon Herb Cream Cheese Christmas Tree Appetizer Recipe

Bacon Herb Cream Cheese Christmas Tree Appetizer Recipe

This Bacon Herb Cream Cheese Christmas Tree Appetizer Recipe is a creative twist on a culinary adventure of a simple dish.

Bacon is a breakfast favorite, oh who am I kidding ? Bacon is an anytime kind of snack !

Bacon Herb Cream Cheese Christmas Tree Appetizer Recipe

Imagine a festive Christmas tree made of bacon with herbed cream cheese. I know, you are probably drooling now, I am. Just the thought of bacon smell is enough to scream, “I want more!”. You and your guests will need to arm yourselves with self-control for this delightful Christmas treat. Apparently, this would make the tastiest Christmas tree ever.


~ 3 Pounds thin-sliced Bacon Strips
~ 1 1/2 cup of Herb Cream Cheese to layer between baccon and to attach edible decorative decorations
~ Edible Decorative Decorations you like – Green Peas, Orange Bits of Carrots, Yellow Corn Kerrels, Diced Red Pepper and Radishes

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1. Equally slice the bacon strips in half. Roll each of the sliced bacon into a ball shape and place them in a muffin pan tray.

2. Place the muffin tray into the oven at 350° F temperature. Bake for about 20 minutes or until the bacons are crispy and golden-colored.

3. Remove the bacon balls from the muffin tray and set aside to cool.

4. Once cooled, build your Christmas tree starting with balls of bacon at the base working all the way up to form the tree.

5. Whip herb cream cheese in a bowl with beaters. Scoop into a cake frosting bag with decorative designer tip or in a pinch – a ziplock bag with a tiny tip cut off. Use a dab of the cream cheese frosting to hold the layers of the balls of bacons together.

6. Use your creativity in adding your edible decorative decorations to make your bacon Christmas tree more enticing.

7. Hold off your appetite as you let the masterpiece dry first for about an hour prior to serving.

8. Serve the Bacon Christmas tree and have a great time nimbbling!

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