Primitive SkillsHow to Bake Bread in Terra Cotta Clay Pot

How to Bake Bread in Terra Cotta Clay Pot

How to Bake Bread in Terra Cotta Clay Pot is detailed in this simple step by step tutorial. Do you know you can bake bread in a ceramic flower pot? You sure have never heard that before. That is the power of innovation and creativity. This article puts you through on how to bake sourdough bread in a ceramic clay pot. You never thought a clay pot could be put to such use. Now, you do.

How to Bake Bread in Terra Cotta Clay Pot

The article divides the article into four parts. The first part puts you through on how to prepare a sourdough. It also includes a few precautionary measures. The second part of the article focuses on how to set up the flower pot oven. This is the part you need to pay the most attention to. It is the mission-critical part of the baking process.

She explained the reason behind each action that she took right here. It is very important that you read this part several times. You don’t have to use the exact dimension for your own terra cotta clay pot. It all depends on the flower pot that is available.

I worked with an 850g sourdough dough loaf made at approx 70% hydration of 500g flour. Learn what baker hydration level means (Click Here !!!!!!) and don’t make a 1st timer mistake like me the first time I made 70% water dough!)

Note this is a fairly wet dough. The dough boulle was well dusted in RICE flour.

Yes… rice, as it has no gluten and is therefore non stick.

Now, the third part is how to make the fire and maintain it so that the bread does not burn. After that, the writer explained the baking process in details. You can take the time to read it and share it thereafter.

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