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Balloon Pop Countdown – Each Balloon has an Activity Inside – New Year’s Eve

Balloon pop countdown, each balloon has an activity inside. Perfect for New Year’s Eve with the kids.

Blow up a bunch of balloons, write different times on them, add an activity written on a piece of paper inside the balloon…each time a balloon is popped the family gets to do another activity together.

Craftibilities blog shares this amazing idea to celebrate New Year’s Eve with your children as a family.

Balloon Pop Countdown - Each Balloon has an Activity Inside

This project creates excitement, full of full activities the whole family can do, full of laughter and best of all keeping your family safely off the roads away from drunk drivers.

Here are some ideas:

    • Writing your name with licorice … have fun eating it.

    • Balloon Tennis – Glue a paper plate to a wooden painter stirrer to make a racket. Blow up a balloon and have fun!

    • Glow in the dark dinner party illuminated by glow sticks.

    • Video game tournament

    • Make homemade Lava Lamps:

    • Make a mini pizzas – everyone chooses their own toppings to create their favorites.

    • Build a fort with sheets and chairs!

    • Make a mini Marshmallow catapult and try to catch them in each others mouths –

    • Hallway Bowling – empty 2 liter pop bottles and a small plastic ball.

    • Have the kids act out a favorite book …. tons of laughter will follow.

    • Supply cardboard boxes (big enough for them to climb in) for kids to draw & decorate to create a car, boat, airplane, submarine, space ship or anything else they can dream up !

    • Plate of Bubbles – All you need for this fun activity is a small plate, a plastic drinking straw, dish washing liquid and tap water. Place two drops (that’s all you need!) of dish washing liquid in the center of a plate. Carefully run tap water onto plate, pointing water over the dish soap to create some foam or bubbles. Carefully place the plate on a flat, sturdy surface, such as the kitchen table, and have your child point his straw into the water. To create bubbles, blow gently and slowly into the sudsy water. Not too fast, it won’t work! Slow and steady will create huge bubbles!

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Melissa Francis
Melissa Francis
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