HomesteadingBamboo Poles Rain Gutter Roof Tiles Project

Bamboo Poles Rain Gutter Roof Tiles Project

This Bamboo Poles Rain Gutter Roof Tiles Project is a great way to use a quick growing natural resource that cools naturally through convection and channels rain to a reservoir.

Bamboo Poles Rain Gutter Roof Tiles Project

The use of bamboo rain gutter roofing is basically one inexpensive way to drain water off buildings and homes. Apart from being highly efficient, they tend to provide a kind of rustic charm to the exterior décor that is quite difficult to obtain from any other material. Just so you know, they can be used to efficiently collect rainwater from the roof and at the same time ensure proper drainage.

Bamboo Poles Rain Gutter Roof Tiles Project

In areas where bamboo is abundantly available, they are preferably used as a green alternative to plastic and metal gutters. Although these hollow sterns might not be as durable as vinyl or metal gutters, they, however, provide a unique beauty to the exterior of any décor.

Bamboo Poles Rain Gutter Roof Tiles Project

Whether you are building Bamboo Poles, or you’ve got a water feature or even a teahouse, you can beautifully add this Japanese-inspired work of art to your home décor. By placing it on a corner eave or even replacing an existing rain gutter roof poles, this aesthetic feature will not only decorate your yard but also create a tranquil.

When cutting the bamboo, it is important to apply adequate caution. This is because it is seen as a grass and not a wood. You may end up splitting or shredding the bamboo gutters if improper cutting techniques are applied.

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