BeveragesBanana Bourbon Homemade Infused Liqueur

Banana Bourbon Homemade Infused Liqueur

This simple yet delicious method of making Banana Bourbon Homemade Infused Liqueur is a frugal way to be able to drink 5 star high quality flavored bourbon. If you want a flavored spirit that doesn’t have a fake taste to it, you’ll have a hard time finding it at the store. You will have to make your own homemade batch of delicious liquor.


Be sure to cut fruit (bananas) into smaller pieces.

Keep constantly covered with alcohol (bourbon, in this case) in a wide mouth mason jar.

Allow to infuse for two weeks (Some people remove bananas then replace with 2 more bananas and infuse for an additional two weeks)

When it is ready, the bananas should be floating on top and look much fuller than when first placed in wide mouth mason jar. Bourbon will look cloudy.

Be sure to filter (strain) repeatedly through a fine mesh stainer, cheesecloth or coffee filters.

The result is light caramel colored sophisticated yet mellowed tasting Bourbon.

Set aside the bourbon soaked bananas to be used in baking a very unique flavored banana bread  or bourbon banana pudding with glazed pecans recipe (click here for recipe).

 Banana Bourbon Homemade Infused Liqueur
boozed and infused

One last bit of advice: After trail and error, I have learned that patience is a virtue when waiting for the infusion of banana bourbon homemade liqueur. Cheap and easy is never a substitute for quality ingredients.

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