CraftsBandanna Handkerchief Pumpkins Craft Project

Bandanna Handkerchief Pumpkins Craft Project

This Bandanna Handkerchief Pumpkins Decorations Craft Project is detailed in this step by step tutorial that mixing frugal craft supplies with free branches you find in nature.

Bandanna Handkerchief Pumpkins Craft Project

Here is a way to make fabric and reusable pumpkins to complete off your décor.

How to make:

1. Gather your used bandannas and matching thread in the colors of your choice.

2. You will need a rectangular piece of bandanna. You can get the correct size and shape by cutting the bandanna in half.

3. Sew (by hand or machine) the two short ends of the rectangle together with the good side of the fabric showing in. Once done, you should have a cylinder like piece of material.

4. All around the edge of the fabric tube, tack a wide running stitch. Make sure you only stitch one layer, so essentially you will be stitching in a circle.

5. Gather the fabric by pulling the running stitches and finish off by running your needle through the ruffles a few times. This will hold the fabric together. Once done, your tube should look like a pouch.

6. Turn your pouch inside out and stuff it full with fiberfill (stuffing). At the top, tack a wide running stitch all the way around and gather the stitching when done. Make sure that all the fill is stuffed inside and secure it with some stitches.

7. Take an embroidery needle and thread, and insert the needle into the center from the top to the bottom. Loop the thread around the bandanna ball and pull it really tight. This will make the pumpkin like ridges. Repeat the looping process until your bandanna ball resembles a pumpkin

8. To finish them off and to give them a truly rustic look, grab some twigs and make some stems. Hot glue the twigs to the center and there you have a perfect bandana pumpkin.

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Bandanna Handkerchief Pumpkins Craft Project

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