ArticlesBasement Waterproofing Offers Permanent Solutions For Your Damp Basement

Basement Waterproofing Offers Permanent Solutions For Your Damp Basement

Are you worried that your basement space is going in vain?

Is it upsetting that it is sitting idle and you cannot use it?

Well, use all the extra space and make use of it. After all, this was something you have always wanted, right?

But we know you are worried about all the dampness and moisture there. It’s right to worry because all that can spoil your space and spread a foul smell. Do you worry about how to fix a damp basement?

We at Aquatech Basement Waterproofing, damp basement solutions in Toronto, got your back. We provide wet basement damage repair services so that you can make the most out of your space. 

Let’s begin!

Why Should You Choose Damp Basement Repair?

This is similar to why you keep your phones in a case and put a screen guard over them. You consider your phone a prized possession and want it to last longer. We are also giving you very similar advantages. 

Our wet basement damage repair services ensure that your basement is secure on the outside. Ensuring that no amount of water or moisture enters your property is our motto. 

You ought to have a safe space for all your stuff and have walls that don’t rot. This will ensure that your property stays safe and secure and that no surprise expenditures are headed your way. 

What Are The Warning Signs When It Comes To Damp Basement Repair?

We recommend that you should not wait for the warning signals to surface. But if you see these signs in your basement, it is high time you consider damp basement repair your option. 

And these signs are no joke and should be taken seriously. They can hamper your health and property. So, look for a damp basement floor solution before it’s too late. 

Peeling Wall Plaster

The inside of your basement is loaded with protective plaster to harden the base and make it rigid. But moisture and water have the strength to break that off as well. If your plaster is peeling or flaking, know that your wall has been compromised. 

Foul Smell

There is a unique musty smell that is very easy to identify. When you step into your basement next time and smell such an odour, know it is time to contact Aquatech. Wet basement damage repair will get much easier with this. 


The third primary consequence of water seeping into your basement walls is discoloration. You will notice the damp patches very quickly. If those patches turn black or brown, know that the wall has rotten, and it is time to call Aquatech basement waterproofing for a damp basement floor solution. We always have our ‘repairing shoes’ on! 


Condensation is a process when water vapour cools down and forms water droplets in a cold environment. In the case of your basement, it stays cool. All soil moisture, humidity, and ventilation cannot escape due to lack of dampness. 

When you know something is wrong with your premises and are looking for a damp basement floor solution, Aquatech is there to save the day! And your basement too!

How To Fix A Damp Basement?

We have several damp basement repair solutions tailored to your needs. We hope to bring the best waterproofing solutions to you so that you are at peace. Moreover, we have a few recommendations that ‘seal the deal’ permanently!

Hydrophobic Solutions

As the name suggests, this material ‘repels’ or ‘opposes’ water, and it refuses to mix with water and doesn’t allow it to pass through. Hence, this coating is the wet basement damage repair you can opt for while building your house. 


This is your top wet basement damage repair solution to save yourself some extra bucks. Using a dehumidifier will help you remove all the musty smell, humidity and moisture from the air. 

Insulation Vapour Barrier

This barrier has to be applied to the walls to prevent the basements from inviting warm, moist air and spoiling your space. Substances like foil and plastic are used in this method to form an obstacle. 

Sump Pumps

Sump pumps are life savers and are the most essential. All the water might have been accumulated after using all other waterproofing methods. And here, a sump pump enters and sucks all the unnecessarily collected water and throws it to a place that is not harmful. 

Interior French Drains

The sump pumps and the interior french drains are the dream duo. The interior french drains ensure that the water collected by the sump pump and any accumulated water inside the property is sucked out and transported to its rightful place. 

At Aquatech, damp basement solutions in Toronto, we take up a collective responsibility to secure your space, staff, and you! This comprehensive waterproofing system ensures that we install the safety devices and impart working knowledge of the products to our customers. 

Wrapping Up!

We believe in making you and your basements ready for anything to come. At Aquatech, damp basement solutions in Toronto, we are a team of highly qualified professionals who will ensure a cleaner, brighter, safe space for you to enjoy. With our damp basement solutions in Toronto, you are in the safest hands with Aquatech Basement Waterproofing. We believe to ‘Seal the Deal’ with our wet basement damage repair.

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Bryan Thomas
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