GardeningThe Basics of Herbs & How to Use Them

The Basics of Herbs & How to Use Them


The most important thing to remember is that they be fresh and pesticide free. Most dried herbs and spices lose their potency after six months on the shelf. It’s wiser to dehydrate your own fresh herbs grown in your own garden if possible.

List of Cooking Herbs :

Dill : Has feathery fern-like leaves. Best used fresh to flavor sauces, Fish, & Pichles.

Marjoram : Better fresh, but okay dried. chop with a little olive oil & rub it on fish or meat to, be grilled or sauteed. it’s great with lamb.

Sage : Use sage leaves whole. lay a few leaves on pork roast, or simmer in soups that contain garlic.

Thyme : A versatile herb that is great in sauces sprinkled on meat & seafood, for grilling, or simmered in stews.

Tarragon : Has a licorice or anise flavor that pairs with tomatoes & chicken. tarragon does not dry well.

Rosemary : chop finely & mix with garlic add to burgers or roast with potatoes.

Mint : Makes a great TEA. chop lightly & mix in fruit salad, works great in yogurt sauce for salmon, & in cocktails

Basil : Always add to sauces at the last minute, never simmer it kills the flavor. to preserve bulk crops of basil from your garden, put it in the food processor with olive oil. This can be frozen for later.

Parsley : Chop finely & add at the last moment to seafood & meat sauces.

Chives : Add to a fried EGG or sprinkle over soups. cut chives by grouping them tightly together & slice finely.

Cilantro : Pairs well spicy foods. Add a few leaves to tacos, anything with hot curry powder, or in PAD THAI.

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Melissa Francis
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