Medical & HealthBe PREPARED for Disease Carrying MOSQUITOES

Be PREPARED for Disease Carrying MOSQUITOES

Be PREPARED for disease carrying mosquitoes because they carry dangerous host of viruses that are transmitted during the biting process. There are more than half a dozen serious viruses that are currently being spread by them, including the most recent and potentially the most devastating; Zika.

Mosquito season is here again with temperatures rising above 50° and staying which is when they become most active.

Be PREPARED for Disease Carrying MOSQUITO Season

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This article contains a lot of valuable information on the mosquito and what kind of threats they pose to the US. However, it is not all gloom and doom though, with plenty of education and planning, you can keep yourself and family safe from mosquitoes.

For that reason, the author also included plenty of useful tips on how to keep them away from the house and from you. It seems that the CDC feels the education of the public and reduction of the mosquito population is the best weapon against Zika.

You need to take mosquito bites really serious this year, especially if you may become pregnant.

West Nile Virus
Eastern Equine Encephalitis
Lacrosse Encephalitis
St Louis Encephalitis

Benefits of reading the Getting Prepped for Mosquito Season Article

● With education in the forefront, the posting of this article could not be better timed

● It contains tips on both repellents to be worn while outside and for eliminating conditions that allow them to thrive

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