Beautiful Bushes That Will Grow Under Trees


Shade loving shrubs do wonders when it comes to adding color or foliage interest all year round to your landscape. There are many shrubs that can tolerate full to partial shade and many thrive in home gardens.

But, what does shade mean? According to Jeanne Grunert, gardeners best define shade as any part of the garden that gets lesser than 6 hours of sunlight per day. Places that don’t receive any direct light, like behind a home or under big trees, may be regarded as dense or medium to deep shade.

It is important to take note of the amount of shade that the area gets before you choose shrubs. Although majority of shrubs that grow in dense shade can do well in medium to light shade, some still opt for dense shade. There are only a few flowering shrubs that can produce blossoms under dense shade. Being able to choose the suitable plant for the location is just one half of the recipe for gardening success.

One more critical aspect of landscaping using shrubs is picking shrubs that offer foliage contrasts. Since shady areas have the tendency to be dark, you might want to plant that have different leaf contrasts and textures.

For example, you can try broadleaf evergreen placed next to deciduous shrub or go for a shrub with a winter interest, like holly, then plant close to shrubs that provide spring interest like rhododendron.
From House to Home lists the 11 stunning shade loving shrubs that you can plant under trees and transform your yard into a beautiful outdoor space.