DIY ProjectsBeautiful Vertical Garden Flower Tower DIY Project

Beautiful Vertical Garden Flower Tower DIY Project

How to build a beautiful vertical garden flower tower diy project is simple to make from frugal materials for a motivated gardener.

Beautiful Vertical Garden Flower Tower DIY Project

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This is another display of innovation and creativity. When you present this tower to anybody, it would be the best gift he or she has received in a long time. Flower towers are not only beautiful but they also add a lot of beauty to your home.

The materials needed are:

• A large pot for planting the flower and setting the tower

• Wire fencing that can be used to form the tower in the pot

• A drain tile for self watering

• Potting soil

• Manure

• Black dirt

• Brown tarp to hold the soil

• Plastic tie to fasten the tarp in place

Beautiful Vertical Garden Flower Tower DIY Project
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The first step is to cut the wire fencing and make it a tower frame for the flowers. Thereafter, you will now fix the tower frame into the pot.

When the tower frame is in place, you will then, cut the drain tile and ensure that it is long enough to reach the bottom of the pot and top of the flower. Remember that the drain tile is needed for water. So, the bottom needs to be sealed with duct tape. You can then place the drain tile in the tower frame.

Just take the time to read through the instructions and share the article after. It is really worth giving a try.

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