CraftsBees Water Drinking Station for Garden Project

Bees Water Drinking Station for Garden Project

This Bees Water Drinking Station for Homestead Garden Project is super simple, inexpensive and can be put together within a half hour. Bees and Butterflies need a safe place to get a sip of water without the risk of drowning.

Bees Water Drinking Station for Garden Project - Homesteading

This creative craft project was designed to introduce the reader to a unique watering station for honey bees.

Even the tiniest living creatures need a fresh supply of water in order to survive. Honey Bees are no different, they also need access to fresh water in order to survive and backyard gardeners and homesteaders need the bees to ensure their plants are pollinated.


Marbles or vase fillers (Click Here to Buy From Amazon) 

Galvanized Tub (Click Here to Buy From Amazon) 

Harvest Lane Honey Feed 1 Gallon Liquid Bee Feed (Click Here to Buy From Amazon) 


1. Pour marbles into the galvanized tub gently.

2. Fill water up just below the top of the marbles so butterflies and bees can reach down for a drink without falling in.

This Do It Yourself project was written and shared by the author in hopes to help as many people realize how important it has freshwater available for even the tiniest living creatures, like the honey bees.

The project describes the things that are necessary to have in order to make it and it also includes a description of all of the necessary steps that will need to be followed.

To keep algae growth from your bee water drink station, drop some pre-1982 copper pennies in the bottom of the galvanized tub.

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Melissa Francis
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