Benefits Of A Face Massage Jade Roller and Demo Video

The benefits of a face massage jade roller and demo video that shares this super cool natural beauty tool that improve blood circulation and reduces puffiness. You can place your jade roller in the refrigerator to cool it or place inside a bowl of warm water to raise the temp.

Benefits Of A Face Massage Jade Roller and Demo Video

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What’s a jade roller and why should you be using one? I’m glad you asked.

A jade roller is a beauty device made from a piece of smooth jade on a handle that looks a little like a mini paint roller. By gently drawing the roller across the face and neck in upward and outward motions, you can actually improve the circulation in your skin. This not only helps you look younger and more radiant, it may even help to clear up or prevent acne.

But wait a second, you may be thinking. How is a stone really going to do all this? Isn’t this just some new fad? I’m glad you asked about that too.

The Facts of the Matter

Jade is an excellent conductor of infrared light, which has been shown to help improve circulation. Infrared rays don’t need to be applied to the jade stone because they’re already all around us, though invisible to human eyes. By rolling jade gently across your skin, you’re helping to focus these healing rays right where you need them.

Though this has only been discovered by scientists recently, people in Asia have known about jade’s ability to improve the look of the skin for centuries. So all things considered, jade for facial massages definitely isn’t new, it’s just that modern, Western people are finally catching on.

Click here to read about the benefits of a face massage jade roller and demo video:

Jade Roller Demo Video

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