HomesteadingBenefits of Homesteading as a Renter

Benefits of Homesteading as a Renter

This lively discussion of the benefits of homesteading as a renter gives the whole family the flexibility of per say “trying on the homesteading lifestyle” before making a large financial commitment. Often after moving onto a homestead for an extended period of time, the daily routine of chores can be harder or made easier by the layout of the property. Only by first hand experience, will you truly figure out the most important aspects that you will prioritize when looking for a homestead to buy at a later date.

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Benefits of Homesteading as a Renter
Benefits of Homesteading as a Renter

Aspects such how many acres, condition of house, is there timber, natural flowing water source, is there out buildings, livestock pens, established garden space, is there a well, connected to electricity, is there a root cellar and is there fruit bearing trees are all tremendously important.

Renting a homestead instead of buying in the uncertain economy means not being locked into a location if a new job opportunity arises in a different location.

It gives your family a chance to decide if the community you are renting in is the shares the same priorities, concerns and growth plan. You will also have to decide if the school system is satisfactory for educating your children.

Live the homesteading lifestyle for a couple of years, the do some deep soul searching and ask yourself “Do you love the hard work of homesteading and living closer to nature” ?

Another thig to consider could be starting a community garden. Community gardens may seem like a new thing but in actuality they have been around for quite some time and there may be more in your area then you think. Their popularity does seem to be on the rise again.

Melissa Francis
Melissa Francis
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