SeedsBenefits of Presprouting Gardening Seeds

Benefits of Presprouting Gardening Seeds

As a homestead gardener it is so important to understand the benefits of presprouting gardening seeds so every planting achieves a full bountiful harvest. Give your flower, vegetable, herb and fruit seeds huge head start by sprouting them indoors. This method works especially well if you live in an area that has a shorter growing season or if you would like to double harvest within one growing season.

Just think about this – a packet of seeds provides 20 or more plants for the price of a single potted plant.

Presprouting garden seeds that are germinated indoors help finds dead seeds and makes the live viable sprouted seeds stronger before planting which gives them a higher survival rate once in soil. It can take seeds 6 to 22 days to sprout in soil while pre sprouting takes only 4 – 8 days. Once the seeds sprout, they can be planted into garden soil.


Stronger seeds – survival of the fittest, lol

Saves money

Identification of dead seeds – throw out those time wasters and fill their location with live seeds.

Benefits of Presprouting Gardening Seeds
Benefits of Presprouting Gardening Seeds

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Simple Garden Seed Germination Test:


The table shows optimal soil temperatures for various vegetable seeds.

 photo germination-table2_zpsjpuwywlc.jpg

If you’d prefer to rely on air temperature, here are the optimal environments for each vegetable.

 photo germination-table_zpsjhjimsr2.jpg

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