Benefits of Raising and Breeding Rabbits For Meat


If you are trying or would like to become for self sufficient you may want o have both backyards chickens for eggs and meat and raise and breed rabbits to provide meat for your family. I know in this country a lot of folks are against eating rabbit meat because they consider rabbits as pets and not food but it pretty much all the rest of the world rabbit is another meat. They are not super expensive to raise, they breed well like rabbits so you  almost always have some getting close to butchering size and since you raise them your self you know they are treated humanely both in life and when they are butchered.  Backwoods Mama shares the pros of raising and breeding rabbits. I know some folks hunt rabbits for eating but you would have a lot more meat in the freezer by raising them your self. You would also have all of the manure they produce to fertilize your garden and unlike other manures that need to compost or age before adding to the garden rabbit manure can go right on with no fear of burning your plants.


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