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Benefits of Using Custom Coroplast Signage

While online advertising certainly has its charm, no one can deny the impact of physical signage when it comes to marketing your business or restaurant, etc. With numerous options for outdoor and indoor signage available in the advertising market, making the right choice of signage material can be a challenging task.


Coroplast has emerged as one of the most popular choices for custom signage over recent years. Custom coroplast signs have two layers of custom text and graphics surrounding a central layer of plastic that imparts strength and durability to the structure. These types of signs are a good choice for your advertising needs because they offer multiple benefits over the other materials. Some of these benefits are listed below.


Coroplast signs are made from plastic and are highly cost-effective, especially when compared to aluminum or wooden signs. Their low cost makes these signs the ideal choice for all types of businesses, particularly those operating on a small marketing budget.  

Durable & Weatherproof

One of the main reasons for the popularity of coroplast signs is the fact that the material is weatherproof and can withstand a wide range of weather conditions with little to no structural damage. It makes coroplast an ideal choice of material for all types of outdoor signs, especially in areas with unpredictable or harsh weather conditions.


Coroplast signs are very lightweight and can be carried and manipulated with ease. The lightweight of these signs makes them easy to lift, carry, and anchor, etc. Additionally, it also minimizes the risk of these signs falling due to their weight or improper fixture, relieving you of the troubles of constantly fixing your signs.

Vibrant Custom Advertising

In addition to being affordable and lightweight, these types of signs are more vibrant, clear, and sharp as compared to other materials. By choosing coroplast as your option for custom signs, you can rest assured that the sign will stand out from the rest while offering crisp graphics and text for your advertising needs.


Signs made from this lightweight material can be used in a wide range of advertising applications, including all types of indoor signs, yard signs, fence signs, directional signs, menu boards, etc. The versatility of the material makes coroplast signs ideal for all types of indoor and outdoor marketing and residential applications.

Vast Community Reach

With the strategic placement of coroplast signs, you can easily reach hundreds of potential customers each day. The marketing utilizing signs of these types requires little investment with a significant return in the form of increased revenue at your place of business. Signs made from coroplast are one of the most effective forms of advertising to reach large community segments with little effort.

Highly Customizable

Coroplast signs are highly customizable and come in various shapes, sizes, and thickness options. You can easily create a sign of any shape or size that can be mounted in several unique ways. Lastly, coroplast signage supports all kinds of texts, graphics, designs, logos, etc., in a wide range of color options that suit your advertising needs. 

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