Best Bug Out States and Why


Skills in outdoor survival are not usually taught yet these can help save your life, particularly when disaster strikes. Just imagined getting forced outside your own house because of floods or tornadoes and you and your family are left with no choice but to bug out for one week at the least looking for external shelter.

This is why being knowledgeable of all the right skills for survival is equally critical as preparing the right gear for survival. It is usually the case when you need a good bug out bag packed carefully and properly for long term survival.
What are survival skills, though? Survival skills are basically techniques that will help you guarantee that your personal safety together with basic needs including water, food, and shelter are all met.

One of the most important survival skills is getting clean water. Your body is mainly composed of water. This regulates the temperature of your body and protects your joints, spinal cord, and tissues. You can get dehydrated rather quickly when you bug out as your body loses water through sweating, digestion, and breathing. Thus, you have to search for signs of sources of water. If you find yourself in the middle of wilderness, observe terrain slopes where water runs downhill. Search for animal tracks that can lead to possible streams and riverbanks. You can also collect rainwater to reduce risks of bacterial infection if the water is not filtered.

After you sort out your need for drinking water, you can build a safe shelter where you can camp in. This survival shelter should be addressed basic needs like keeping out rain, maintaining heat inside, and setting up with the use of portable materials.  These are just some of the survival skills you need to learn. Bio Prepper share a list  of some of the best states to bug out in the USA.