Raising LivestockBest Homesteading Animals for Survival of Family

Best Homesteading Animals for Survival of Family

The Best Homesteading Animals for Survival of Family is detailed in this article and why they are so important. By raising your own livestock animals, you can control the quality of the animals life, death and feed your family properly.

Best Homesteading Animals for Survival of Family

If you are moving out on the farm, it is necessary to get some good animals to bred, make food with, and cover the fields with their pasture. Those who have lived on the farm for a long time can tell you what animals to consider. Get a few of the animals below and build up on your homestead.

Chickens – eggs, meat, feathers, fertilizer and insect control

Pigs – meat, fertilizer

Goats meat, milk, fertilizer

Ducks – eggs, meat, feathers, fertilizer, insect control

Sheep – meat, wool, fertilizer

Beef Cattle – meat, hide, fertilizer

Dairy Cows – milk, meat, hide, fertilizer

Rabbits – meat, fur, fertilizer

Bees – Honey, Beewax, pollen

Bats – best insect control you can have….. put up bat house boxes

The first noted animal is the “chicken” for so many purposes: eggs, meat, feathers, fertilizer and insect control. One good hen can give you multiple eggs at once, having multiple hens means a whole lot more of them. Then, the chickens used as meat can be consumed in different forms, from grilled to fried to slurped as broth. Staying in the bird section is the duck, feathers, fertilizer and insect control. Ducks are not as loud as chickens and they are preferential to ponds, but they also lay big eggs and can be cooked up as a stew.

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Then, we have the big beef producer… the cow. Cows are for multiple things besides cooking a nice steak or hamburger. They can also produce milk. Dairy cows can produce a lot of fresh cream from their teat. Cows can graze the fields and eat the grass thus producing fertilizer. Pigs are the other major meat makers on the homestead. We know about their bacon and pork, but they also act as alpha animals to keep others in line and eats the scraps and excess to keep the area clean. You can also get goats to make your own milk and cheese while sheep are other known grazers.

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Best Homesteading Livestock Animals to Raise

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