Raising LivestockBest Roast Pigeon Recipe A Delicacy Like No Other

Best Roast Pigeon Recipe A Delicacy Like No Other

If you have pigeons in your barn or you want to raise them for meat this roast pigeon recipe will get you started on how to prepare them for the table. Roasted with root veggies this is a simple but delicious meal.

The advantage of eating pigeons is that there’s no close of season. The pigeons are available all year round. A lot of people enjoy some pigeon recipes in July to September, not just because it is a summer taste of game but due to the rich summer diet of the pigeon of corn, seeds, and berries makes meats tastier, providing it a nutty flavor.

Best Roast Pigeon Recipe A Delicacy Like No Other

Pigeon recipes are famous since they are a good source of protein and its meat has lots of minerals like iron. Young birds are best for roasting to ensure tender meats. Roasted young pigeons (squab) have a dark and very rich taste.

Older pigeons get tougher with age and are best braised slowly with the vegetables and used for stock. The flesh’s richness is complemented by some strong flavors including port, gin, and brandy and by dried fruits like prunes. It is also great to serve roast pigeons with braised red cabbage, bacon, or lentils.

You may try marinating pigeon with robust herbs and spices like thyme, parsley or bay leaf along with fruity red wine that will add extra tenderness.

Once roasted, the pigeon’s crisp skin and sweet juices is definitely something you should not miss. Its ideal for a gamey and rustic Sunday roast. The petite size of pigeons also means that diners get the whole bird, which serves an impressive touch.

What Pigeon to Buy?
As farmed pigeons aren’t any older than one month old, it is best to purchase them unless your game merchant could guarantee that wild birds are young. While most of us will not have a game merchant we can raise our own or hunt for them.

The reason behind it is that younger wild birds have paler fresh. You must also look out for the pigeons with good fat layer under the skin.

Variations of Roast Pigeon Recipes
Flavor may be added through stuffing the cavity with the traditional stuffing or a mixture of mushrooms, herbs or black pudding. The pigeon’s breast meat tends to dry out quickly compared to the legs during roasting, so laying several bacon rashers over the pigeon’s breast or smothering some butter on top.

You should also try spatchcocking pigeons before roasting to help you cook the bird evenly.
While pigeons are resting, never discard the juices on the pan. These may be de-glazed to have a flavorsome and rich sauce to accompany the dishes. Some people use pan juices in their sauce and you can find more ways to cook an entire pigeon.

What Roast Pigeon Goes With?
You can try anything for roast pigeon. You can consider putting light celeriac salad. Its sweet and earthy flavors of celeriac lighten and flatten the meaty flavor, making it an ideal starter. For more hearty and comforting meal, serve your roast pigeon with pan juices, roasted vegetables, and redcurrant jelly.

All in all, roast pigeon recipes are worth to try. This is a very easy recipe to start with and it is from, Honest Food. These are perfect to cook anytime since its meat is flavorful and tender and you can find pigeon almost all seasons. The only thing that you should do is to be creative with your recipe and enjoy roast pigeon with your family and friends.


Paige Raymond
Paige Raymond
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