Garden BedsBEST Soil Combination for Raised Garden Boxes

BEST Soil Combination for Raised Garden Boxes

Here is the best soil combination for raised garden boxes to balance moisture, creates natural heat, minimize soil compaction and an active microbes. Healthy soil mix is a critical component to maximum garden harvest yield.

BEST Soil Combination for Raised Garden Boxes

A deep, organically rich soil encourages the growth of healthy, extensive roots that are able to reach more nutrients and water. The result: extra-lush, extra-productive growth above ground.

Building the raised garden boxes truly is only half the fun, figuring out the right soil mixture you are going to fill it so that your vegetables and fruits will grow big, strong and delicious. The more important part is to be sure that the soil you put in the boxes consist of the right mix of material. You will find out the hard way if you simply dump a bunch of top soil and the think you are ready to plant seeds of samplings.

In order for the seeds to germinate, mature and produce vegetables, you will need to ensure that the soil has all the right nutrients to support the plants growth. This article was written in a way that is really easy to read and gives numerous tips about what materials to add to the top soil so that the right amount of micronutrients are present in the soil.

● Article includes several “Do’s” and “Don’t” when it comes preparing the soil for the garden boxes

● Article describes the best way to add the soil conditioners to ensure a proper mixture

● Article also explains the best type of plant food to use in order to produce the best results

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Melissa Francis
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