OrchardsBest Way to Harvest Black Walnuts on Homestead

Best Way to Harvest Black Walnuts on Homestead

Here is the Best Way to Harvest Black Walnuts on Homestead, it is simple and well worth it.

Best Way to Harvest Black Walnuts on Homestead

If you are lucky to have walnut trees around, then this article is for you. First of all, according to the author, it is always better to allow black walnuts to drop naturally. Don’t pluck them on your own. If the tree is small, you can shake it from time to time and allow some walnuts to drop.

What You Need:



Old sheet

A garden hose

Once walnuts with split husks begin to appear on the ground. Lay down an old sheet on the ground under the tree. Shake the tree, let them fall naturally and maybe use the garden hose to squirt them down (last option is probably not the best).

Rinse the shells off with a high-powered hose to remove the tannins.

Lay the nuts out on screen or rack, somewhere warm and dry, and allow them to air dry for two weeks

Here is an important precaution. Walnut husks produce a substance that is quite toxic to other vegetation so you should be careful how you dispose the husks and seeds of black walnuts. The author specifically warned that you should not drop them in your compost. The toxic substance is called Juglone. Walnuts use this substance to ward other plants off its territory to avoid competition over soil nutrients. You should not also pile your walnuts in their husks for a long period. When they stay long, the husks will begin to deteriorate and this will make it more difficult for you to husk them. Besides, they will no longer be fresh when they stay too long in their husks. So, it is better to husk them as soon as they drop.

There are more precautions and other necessary information about harvesting black walnuts in the article. Don’t for get to share it immediately after reading it.

Health experts are of the view that eating healthy foods have physical, mental and psychological benefits. Legumes, nuts, and seeds are some of the healthiest foods around. When consumed in moderation, nuts can help fight depression and boost brain health. One of the most nutritious nuts in the world is the walnut, in particular, black walnut.

Another amazing benefit of walnut is that it promotes healthy skin. The tannins in black walnut relieve irritation, tightens the epidermis and mucous membranes. They can also be used to treat viral warts, acne, eczema, psoriasis, poison ivy, xerosis as well as other fungal infections. Black walnuts also help to prevent cancer. The roots, leaves, and bark of black walnut trees contain juglone which is associated with anticancer activities.

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