RecipesBeyond Delicious Pulled Pork Recipe

Beyond Delicious Pulled Pork Recipe

If you are looking for beyond delicious pulled pork recipe, you’ve come to the right place. This website covers everything you need to know about pulled pork, from the ingredients to the cook times.

It’s all derived from years of experience and trial and error with various cooking methods. There isn’t a better source for delicious pulled pork.

Beyond Delicious Pulled Pork Recipe

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There’s a list of ingredients below. It includes the type of pork to buy and utensils. There’s also a link to a dry rub recipe, and there’s instructions for using it as well. It’s much more complicated than simply rubbing the rub on the pork. It has to be applied a certain way in order involve wood smoke, and there’s recommendations on how to handle the fat cap.

Ingredients and Tools Needed:

pork butt or shoulder – at least 3-4 pounds.

1-2 cups of dry rub

baking rack

baking sheet

probe thermometer

The most important part is preparing the pork. This requires shears and cutting. The goal is to remove all the unwanted portions of the pork. Details are provided in the sections below. There’s advice on how to store the pork overnight, before it is cooked the next day.

The cooking part is the most surprising; it takes the whole day to cook pork butts. Afterward, it has to set for a period of time. The results are impressive. You can expect to experience the most stringy, crunchy, and chewy pork you have ever tasted.

The last part is storing the pork. If it isn’t done properly, it may not last. There’s advice on how to properly store the pulled pork and how to reheat it the next day.

Click here to read about how to make beyond delicious pulled pork recipe:

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