DIY ProjectsBeyond an Outhouse Build a Solar Powered Bathhouse

Beyond an Outhouse Build a Solar Powered Bathhouse

Off-grid living has become more and more popular these days with so many people embracing the simple way of life. Living without all of the creature comforts associated with a traditional home definitely has it appeal to some. This article was designed to introduce the reader to a simple way to enjoy a warm shower without the need for an electric powered water heater.

Beyond an Outhouse Build a Solar Powered Bathhouse

This article was shared by the author after they completed the work on their solar heated bathhouse so that everyone who visits the website Modern Day Redneck would get the benefit of their labor. They talked about how much the sun can be used to heat water even on a very cloudy day. The article was written in plain, easy to understand language so that everyone can read it.

Benefits of reading the DIY Projects: Beyond an Outhouse Build a Solar Powered Bathhouse

Learn about how easy it can be to build an energy efficient solar heated bathhouse for your off-grid property.
The author talks about how effective and efficient that the sun can be as a heater even on a cloudy day.
The article also includes several full color pictures that help to provide a good visual reference.

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