Primitive SkillsBirch Wood Bushcraft Container Box DIY Project

Birch Wood Bushcraft Container Box DIY Project

This Birch Wood Bushcraft Container Box DIY Project is made from the birch bark of a tree and simple twine. You can make this rather crude container in the woods and use immedatiely.

Birch bark is a lovely material that can be woven, folded, and lashed into a great variety of projects. If done mindfully, birch bark can be harvested without permanently damaging the trees.

Birch Wood Bushcraft Container Box DIY Project

This is a quick way to build a box made out of the peeling bark of a tree known as birch. The bark of the Birch tree is very versatile and can be used to make wilderness containers.

Birch Wood Bushcraft Container Box DIY Project

1. First, make one large cut and two small cuts with a saw or even sharp knife made to cut small piece of wood. It should be able to cut off the bark off the log fairly easy. With the bigger piece of birch, strip off all the bark away in one piece and keep it, but don’t discard the bare piece of wood left.

2. Lay the birch down and put the two small cuts at the end of the birch, each representing a quarter of the entire piece of birch.

3. With the wooden pieces holding the ends down, take the knife and slice open a rectangular hole in the center of the birch piece, carefully removing it from the rest.

4. Next, take two pieces of thin rope and tie it tightly around the birch to hold on to the smaller wooden pieces at each end.

5. Double-knot it for strength and cut off the excess from the fully tied ends.

6. Then, take a long piece of rope that can lace through both roped areas on the birch, around it, and long enough to where it can rest over the shoulder, like a bag.

It is a lightweight carry with small things in the woods to make it more instant than having them in a backpack or in the pockets.

Click here to read about how to haverst Birch Bark without permanently damaging the trees:

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