RecipesHow To Make Black Walnut Syrup

How To Make Black Walnut Syrup

I think we have all seen tutorials on making maple syrup and if you have the trees it looks like it would be fun to do. This tutorial though is something different in the fact that it teaches how to make black walnut syrup. Some folks make have access to black walnut trees and not to maple so if you have black walnut trees this is for you.

How To Make Black Walnut Syrup

I have a neighbor that has black walnut so I may ask if I can tap them and try this. I always loved the black maple ice cream and black walnut fudge so I think black walnut syrup on pancakes or waffles would be really good. If you wan to try your hand at making black walnut syrup your self check out the tutorial from Homestead Honey and let us know how it turns out if you make it.

Click here for instructions:

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