FreezingBlanch and Freeze Summer Garden Vegetables

Blanch and Freeze Summer Garden Vegetables

The process of how to blanch and freeze summer garden vegetables is a rewarding worthy project so that you may enjoy them during winter months.

Blanch and Freeze Summer Garden Vegetables

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Blanching and freezing your crop of vegetables and fruits is arguably one of the quickest and (definitely) the easiest way to reserve your bountiful harvest to use at a later date. Most avid home gardeners today are just limited by the size of their freezer. And the only major drawback here is that the specified storage time is far less than the one for canned goods.

But don’t be discouraged there is a way around this hurdle. You can freeze almost all fruits and vegetables with a few exceptions such as leafy greens (lettuce) etc. Upon defrosting your green vegetables, they appear limp and mushy, which is definitely not an appealing sight for salad. However, this summer, you can visit the pick-your-own farm so as to stock up fresh berries or prepare your bumper crop of peppers, broccoli, or peas. This article will highlight various steps to blanch and freeze your summer vegetables to enjoy at a future time.

It is important to put safety first. Experts always stress how crucial it is to follow the proper measures to make sure your food is safe for consumption. The measures include cleaning all utensils before use, proper storage, preparation, and thawing. On the following pages, we will show you various ways to preserve vegetables in their nutritional peak, to allow you use them the entire year.

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Melissa Francis
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