CraftsBleach Pine Cones For Crafts

Bleach Pine Cones For Crafts

If you like to use pine cones for your crafts and fall and winter decorating, see how to bleach pine cones for crafts. The bleach will kill any bugs or bug eggs that may be in the pine cones and your pine cones will turn a sort of light tan color which you can leave if you like that color but you could also paint them or just gild the edges with gold or silver paint.

Bleach Pine Cones For Crafts

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See how to bleach them in the video on Handy and Homemade’s page. These look really different and would make a unique center piece or addition to other fall or Christmas decor. What ever you decide to use them for they will be a little different than pine cones that are used in their natural color.

It was interesting to see that when you soak the pine cones in bleach they close up and look like they have never been opened but when you dry them out they open back up. I had never heard of bleaching pine cones before but I do like the light tan color of them after bleaching.


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For folks that are having problems finding the directions you can find them here ……

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