Food Storage & SkillsBlueberry Jam Old Fashioned Refrigerator Recipe

Blueberry Jam Old Fashioned Refrigerator Recipe

This delicious Blueberry Jam Old Fashioned Refrigerator Recipe is just right for spreading on pancakes, breakfast breads and pastries or as a glaze for meat dishes. This blueberry jam is bursting with sun-ripened fruit that is sweet, intensely flavorful.

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This easy-to-make blueberry jam is thick and filled with chia seeds, is lightly sweet, and very much delicious. Blueberries are a popular food that people can never get enough of, and when growing season is over, people stock up on them and freeze them. It is better than jam filled with preservatives and sugars; this is homemade and a healthy alternative to traditional jam. It is so much healthier and much more delicious because it is very customizable with the additionof fiber with ground flaxseeds and lemon zest to give a citrus taste to it. You can even use strawberries or raspberries instead of blueberries. Here’s a great, DIY project to make your own blueberry jam, especially when it gets cold.

Get the following ingredients: two cups of fresh organic blueberries and two tablespoons each of raw honey, lemon juice, and chia seeds.

First, cover the blueberries with the honey and put them in a pot. Add the lemon juice and heat over a medium heat for five minutes when the berries are soft.

Then, lightly smash the berries and reduce the heat a bit; add the chia seeds and mix. Afterwards, put the heat back up and wait till it bubbles and the jam starts to thicken up in the next five minutes.

Turn off the heat, let it cool for 10 minutes, and pour the jam in jars.

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