Boho Chic Crochet Dangle Earrings Craft Project

Boho Chic Crochet Dangle Earrings Craft Project

This tutorial of how to create boho chic crochet dangle earrings craft project is great fashion accessory that is feminine yet creative. You can make multiple pairs of earrings is different colors to exactly match different outfits. Easy to make, so give a pair to each of your friends…. everyone loves receiving a token of friendship.

Boho Chic Crochet Dangle Earrings Craft Project

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Another great thing about homesteaders is that their skills range from function to pretty. If you want to make a statement, try creating your own crochet earrings as fun and customized accessories. Crocheted earrings are a trendy fashion and there is no reason why the innovative homesteader can’t create them herself.

You will need to create beautiful earrings:

• Cotton thread – No. 5

• Crochet needle- No. 1.5

• 2 metal loop earrings with a 20mm diameter

• 2 hooks for the earrings

Take your metal loop and start by working a low 33-mesh around the circumference. Turn the work to a 5-very low mesh working in the opposite direction you started the original circle with. Next you want to jump 5 basic vests and then 8 high mesh with ch 5 and ch7 alt mesh. Then use ch 5, skip the next 5 basic vests and crochet. This will leave a nice loop in the crocheted part. You should be able to fit three of them on a 20mm diameter loop.

Turn your work over and work in the opposite direction with an 8 low nell’archetto mesh. Use a 1 sl st located at the 7 high points. On the nell’archetto use 4 low mesh, ch 3 and then 4 low mesh. This will even out the circles a bit more and make them stand out.

Next use a 1 sl st at the same 7 high points. Then use an 8 low nell’archetto sweaters and be sure that you knit 1 very low but above the first round crochet. Turn the earring over and sl st one on each part of the lower mesh. Use a very low mesh on your jersey high of the previous circle. Use 8 chains, nell’archetto three chains and then a crochet and then a ch 5 on low-mesh.

Use nell’archetto of 5 chains work and then 4 low mesh ch3 and 4 low mesh. Go back to the nell’archetto work with 10 mesh low and then close with a final sl st at the lowest point of the round circle. Tie off the edges and slide the hooks in for completion.

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