Braided Chicken Pot Pie

Braided Chicken Pot Pie
Braided Chicken Pot Pie

If you like chicken pot pie you will love this Braided Chicken Pot Pie recipe.

For those super busy nights that you need a quick meal with shortcuts, this chicken pot pie is made with crescent dough.

When I saw this recipe a couple of months ago I couldn’t wait to make it. I have always loved chicken pot pie and this one didn’t disappoint. It has both cheddar and cream cheese so it is rich and flavorful. When I make it I have to increase the recipe by 4 times because everyone loves it. I have also replaced the chicken with tuna and it still got devoured. So if you enjoy different meat based pot pies and want to make it look like you worked really hard to make dinner special try this braided chicken pot pie and make extra because you are going to want more.

Wine and Glue shares the recipe. For chicken pot pie you can take along for lunch check out Chicken Pot Pie in Mason Jars.


Click here for Braided Chicken Pot Pie recipe:


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